Divided into 100 Paise
Exchange Rate: 10 Rupees ~ 0,15 US Dollar
US$ are accepted in major tourist areas but change wil be in Rupees.

Tipping is absolutely essential in India. India runs on tipping, from the person who carries your bag, delivers your food or drives your vehicle.

The following information was provided by INDIAN PANORAMA. Thank You!
Waiter 10% of the bill in cash or added to the credit card payment. Tipping in restaurants is absolutely expected and a tip should only be withheld if service or food has been exceptionally bad.
Wardrobe Not very common in India but if there is a coat check: 10-50 Rupees per item depending on the quality of the establishment. Give on collection of the item checked-in.
Bartender, Counter Give 50-100 Rupees per round of drinks. In cash (by not retaining change) or added to credit card bill.
Restroom 10-20 Rupees in cash upon leaving the restroom. Restroom attendants are not common in India.
Valet Parking As most tourists travel by chauffeur-driven vehicles, the chauffeur handles parking himself.
Porter 10-50 Rupees per piece depending on the quality of the hotel. In cash when the luggage reaches your room or the lobby (on check-out).
Room Service 10% of the room service bill. In cash or by adding the relevant pecentage to the check.
Maid Service Generally not expected. But if you happen to be around when service is ongoing, 50-100 Rupees for the maid are a good tip. Leaving a tip in the room for a room-service person to collect is not appropriate.
Concierge Concergies are not very common in India. But if there is one, give 50-100 Rupees after the satisfactory conclusion of the engagement.
Taxi Driver

500-1000 Rupees per day. 100-300 Rupees for an airport or other transfer. Give your tip after finishing the service with that driver in cash (Rupees, US$, Euro and other currencies are okay). Standard taxis are generally un-metered, so whatever the driver charges will include his 'tip'!
Please be aware that most visitors have a "tourist driver" who is a lot more than 'just' a taxi driver. He will be available for many hours throughout the day, offer advise on where to eat, interact with guides and a lot more. There is no need - and indeed it is undesireable - to tip every day of your tour. It is best done at the end of the service with a given driver.

Tour Guide 500 Rupees, perhaps more for exceptional service. Tip at the end of the tour.
Tour Driver Guidelines are similar to those above for "tourist" drivers. If you are on a bus tour, the tour guide or escort handles the tips for the driver and his assistance if he has one.
Other Services
Hair Dresser 20-200 Rupees depending on the quality of the establishment (e.g. a lot more in a saloon in a 5-star hotel) after the haircut. 
Food Delivery Delivery of food in India is very uncommon, but 10% of the total bill would be fine. In cash or by adding the relevant amount to the credit card check.
Filling Station For tourists, the chauffeur will complete all interactions with service/filling stations so no need to tip here.
Shoeshine Boy 10-20 Rupees
Public Restroom Public restrooms are usually unattended. However, if attended, 10-20 Rupees upon leaving the restroom will be fine.
Wellness & Spa Service 10-15% of total bill in cash at the end of the treatment.
Craftsman Not relevant.

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