Divided into 100 Cent
Exchange Rate: 1 Euro  ~  1,12 US Dollar
No other currencies accepted.

In Germany, throughout the country tipping for certain services is the rule. However, if not satisfied it's completey acceptable not to give any extra money at all. Never try to tip public servants or even policemen! 

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Waiter 5-10% of the bill if satisfied with the service. Hand over at the time of payment. For large parties or in more expensive restaurants around 5% or less. In Cafés or for small orders round up. Generally, there is no obligation to give a tip. If not satisfied with the service, it is completey acceptable not to tip. Giving only a few cents would be considered insulting. Only few restaurants charge a fixed service charge; in that case don't give an extra tip.
Wardrobe Between 50 cent and 1 Euro per piece, depending on the number of pieces. Hand over when getting your clothes back.
Bartender, Counter Usually no tip when picking up drinks or food yourself. However, leave a few Euros after a long night at the bar or for fulfilling special wishes. If there is a tipping box, leave 1 or 2 Euro.
Restroom If attended, leave between 50 cent and 1 Euro on a plate outside the restroom.
Valet Parking In Germany, you won't come across valet parking often. However, if you are using this service, give an extra 2-4 Euro when getting your car back.
Porter Between 1 and 2 Euro for each piece, depending on the size of your luggage and the hotel category. Hand over when the baggage arrives in your room or the trunk of your car.
Room Service When you receive your order, give 2 Euro for a prompt delivery of standard items and up to 5 Euro for special services.
Maid Service On your check-out day, leave around 2 Euro per day on the bed site table or the bed cushion. If staying for more than a week, split the total and leave half of it already after the first few days.
Concierge For standard services give between 2 and 5 Euro upon completion. If the concierge organizes tickets for a sold-out concert or organizes a table at the booked-out restaurant, 10 Euro or more would be approriate.
Taxi Driver At the time of payment add an extra 10% to the bill if you had a pleasant ride.
Tour Guide Plan around 10 Euro per day on a multi-day trip for you and your family and hand over at the end of the trip. For a one-day-trip give between 10 and 20 Euros.
Tour Driver Plan around 5 Euro per day on a multi-day trip for you and your family and hand over at the end of the trip. For a one-day-trip give between 5 and 10 Euro.
Other Services
Hair Dresser For standard haircuts give an extra 10% if satisfied. For more expensive treatments give between 5 and 10%. Often, each hairdresser has his or her own piggybank at the cash point - just put in your money.
Food Delivery When ordering food from a delivery service, give between 2 and 5 Euro for a timely delivery.
Filling Station Most filling stations are self service, only very few offer a filling service, often at a higher price. If not self service, give 2 Euro to the attendant for regular service and up to 4 Euro for extra service such as checking oil or tyre pressure.
Shoeshine Boy Add an extra 2 to 4 Euro to the payment amount.
Public Restroom If attended, leave between 50 cent and 1 Euro on a plate outside the restroom.
Wellness & Spa Service For personal services such as a massage or a beauty treatment give an extra 10% if satisfied.
Craftsman If somebody is working at your house they are usually very happy if you provide them with coffee or water and perhaps some cookies. If you loved their services, they will always appreciate an extra tip of 5-10 Euro for a full day of work.

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